About Us

About Us

Company group "Arco-tours" is the largest operator in cargo transportation market by road for Scandinavian directions between the Russian Federation and Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Along with the main directions of transportations we also have loadings and dischargings in Finland, Germany, Netherlands.

Nowadays our park consists of 110 on-site articulated vehicles, consisting of foreign-manufactured magistral long-haul trucks: SCANIA, VOLVO, RENAULT (Euro-III-V) and semi-trailers produced in Europe (92 tented semi-trailers with a length of 13.6 m, volume of 92 M3 and 18 refrigerators "York" with a refrigerating unit "Termo King" (up to-20 0C)). The transport is updated each year, and its number is constantly increasing. .

Also there are 11 Peugeot, Ford, FIAT, Citroen, Mercedes vans with trailers with load capacity of 1200-1750 kg and capable of carrying 12-22 m3 (4-11 euro pallets) of cargo in the company`s park. A huge advantage of this form of transportation is the high efficiency of admission for loading and moving along the route.

All the trucks and vans are equipped with GLONASS sensors and possibility of ON-LINE monitoring of the truck movement.

Our company has well-established excellent cooperation conditions with key Nordic ferry line “Finnlines” that allows us to reduce delivery time of our customers’ goods.

Arco-tours Ltd. is a full member of the Association of International Road Transport Carriers (ASMAP) and has 20 years of experience in the cargo transportation market under Carnet-TIR.

Our holding includes two transportation companies: Arco-Tours Ltd. and Auto Stile Ltd.

Services provided:  preparation of shipping documentation in Scandinavia and Russia; expedition services in Sweden, Norway, Finland;  booking a ferry for trucks and vans from Naantali to Kapellskar and back.

All actual transportations have comprehensive insurance with the insurance company "TT CLUB".

Our company guarantees a high level of service, minimum transit time and the best rates for our partners.

We believe that the main advantages of working with customers are:

  • personal manager
  • monitoring during the route
  • convenient terms of the automobile transport ordering (urgent, provisional)
  • using only on-site rolling stock
  • the possibility of weekly admission of large volumes of transport to Sweden (40-50 articulated vehicles)
  • transportation of dangerous goods (ADR 2-6,8,9)
  • custom carrier status